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The services offered by the website operated and managed by Atay Turizm Otomotiv İnşaat Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd. Şti. registered at the address, Gümüşsuyu Mah. Mete Cad. Gezi Bosphorus Oteli No.34 Beyoğlu / Istanbul (Site) uses (Cookie/Cookies) during visits by visitors (Visitors) to the site. This use of Cookies is conducted in line with legislation the Company is subject to, including mainly the Law on Protection of Personal Data no. 6698 (KVKK). The Company cannot disclose the personal data it acquires related to the Data Subject to other parties in a manner that is against the privacy policies, disclosure texts and provisions of the KVKK, and cannot use it for any other purpose than the intended purpose of processing.

This Cookie Policy is an annex and integral part of the General Privacy Policy and Personal Data Text. These terms in capital letters and not specifically defined in this Cookie Policy shall have their meanings set forth in the Privacy Policy and Personal Data Text.

1.What are Cookies?

Cookies are very small text files, generally consisting of letters and numbers, which are saved by means of scanners on your computer (or on other devices such as a smartphone or tablet) by the websites you have visited. Cookies do not contain personal data such as the name, gender or address of visitors.

Cookies are created by the servers administrating the website you visit. Thus, when the visitor visits the same website again, the server can detect this. Cookies resemble identity cards showing the website owners that the same visitor has visited the site again.

2.How Are Cookies Used?

The Company uses cookies to

  • Remember your choices and personalize your use of the Site. This use includes cookies that remember and recognize you in your next visits to the Site.
  • They are used for identifying how you use the website, including from where and from which devices you connect to the platforms run by the Company, how you use the Site, including which contents you view on the Site, and your visiting period on the Site.
  • They are used to offer content and ads suitable to your areas of interest and, in other words, for targeted advertisement/promotion. The Company matches the information acquired via cookies to your other personal data and offers you more suitable content, personal campaigns and products. Thus, it does not offer you content or opportunities you have previously seen and which you do not want.
  • To perform required basic functions for running the site. For example, entering the website with membership information.
  • To analyze the site and improve its performance. For example, determining the number of visitors to the Site and arranging performance settings accordingly, and making it easier for Visitors to find what they want.
  • To improve the functionality of the Site and provide ease of use. For example, remembering the search inquiries of the Visitor during their next visit, or offering links to third party social media activities via the Site.
  • To personalize, target and carry out advertisement activities. For example, showing advertisements related to visitors’ interests through the pages and products they view.

3.Cookie Management

By following the steps below, depending on the type of your Internet browser, you can find information on cookies and use your right to enable or disable them:

  • Google Chrome: Click the “lock sign” or letter “i” on the “address tab” of your browser, and enable or disable cookies from the “Cookie” tab.
  • Internet Explorer: Click “Security” on the “Tools” section on the upper right corner of your browser to manage cookies with the “enable” or “disable” options.
  • Mozilla Firefox: Click the “open menu” tab in the upper right corner of your browser. Click the “Options” image to manage your cookies by using the “Privacy and Security” button.
  • For other browsers (Opera, Microsoft Edge, etc.), you can check the help or support pages of the respective browser.
  • Safari: Select the “Safari” tab from the “Settings” on your phone and manage all cookies through the “Privacy and Safety” section.
  • Along with the options listed above, you can find information on cookies and cookie management at:, address or use the "Privacy Badger" application (
  • Follow the directions in the Privacy or Settings sections of your device for cookie or SDK management in mobile applications, or download and use the Lumen Privacy Monitor ( on your phone.

If you disable persistent cookies or session cookies, you can still use the website, the mobile application and the mobile site; however, you may not access, or have limited access, to all functions of the Site. This may vary depending on the respective mobile application.

4.Types of Cookies in Terms of Use

Mandatory Cookies: These Cookies are cookies that are mandatory for the proper running of the Site. These Cookies are required for the management of the system, and for disabling fraudulent operations. If they are disabled, the Site does not function properly.

Analysis/Performance Cookies: These Cookies allow analysis and research of the operation of the Site, and improve the Site's interaction with visitors. Use of these Cookies can be disabled.

Functional and Analytical Cookies: These Cookies are used to ensure an easier and improved user experience for the Visitor. They have functions such as remembering previous choices, enabling easy access to certain content, ensuring effective use of the Site, optimizing responses to Visitor demands, and obtaining information on how Visitors use the Site. Due to their nature, these Cookies may process personal data. Use of these Cookies can be disabled. The Functional and Analytical Cookies used on the Site include, but are not limited to, the following: Google Analytics, Google Ad Manager, the Adform Data Management Platform, Criteo, Teads, Neustar, Pubmatic and Oracle Data Management (BlueKai).

Targeting/Advertisement/Commercial Cookies: Including ad content, these Cookies are used for determining and offering content that may be interesting and attractive to Visitors. These cookies ensure the provision of products/content in line with your interests and preferences, and augment your experience by offering a more developed and customized advertisement portfolio. It is possible to adjust all the settings from the Visitor's Internet browser. In any case, these settings may change based on the particular browser being used. Use of these Cookies can be disabled. However, the disabling option will not block all ad content; advertisements with general content will still be offered instead of advertisements in line with the interests of the user. The Targeting/Advertisement/Commercial Cookies used on the Site include, but are not limited to, the following: Google Analytics, Google Ad Manager, Criteo, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Teads, Neustar, Pubmatic, Oracle Data Management (BlueKai), Hotjar, OneSignal, Taboola and Gemius.

Flash Cookies: These are cookies used for enabling visual or audio content on the Site.

Third Party Cookies: The Site cooperates with reputable third-party advertisement providers. Third-party service providers place their own Cookies in order to offer customized ad content for users. Cookies placed by third-party providers collect, process and analyze the navigation information of visitors.

5.Types of Cookies in Terms of Retention Period

Persistent Cookies: These are cookies that exist until they are deleted, or up to a certain period of time, on the computer or smart mobile device of an individual. These cookies are mostly used for measuring the preferences and site movements of users.

Session Cookies: These Cookies are used for separating a visit by the user into sessions, and do not collect data from the user. These Cookies are deleted if the user remains passive on a Site, or when they close the Site. Targeting/Advertisement/Commercial Cookies are used so that third parties can offer services on the Site and improve the efficiency of such services as defined above. These Cookies can remember visited webpages and sites and collect personal data. The Site uses both its own and third-party cookies to collect information, remember demographic data and areas of interest, and determine ad views and the number of visits. When the site is visited and these plug-ins are used, the Site connects to the directly selected server of the social network. Then content offered by the plug-in is delivered to the web browser directly through social networks and is added to the website being visited. This way, the respective social network may process the data of the user and combine it with data belonging to the respective social network account.

The Company does not have any control over data processed by plug-ins used by social networks. You should carefully examine the personal data policies published by the respective social networks to obtain more information on the purposes for which social networks will collect and process your personal data, the methods thereof, and the period of such processing.

Use of certain Cookies is obligatory for the smooth running of the Site. If use of cookies is prevented, information must be re-entered every time the Site is visited, some services offered over the Internet by the Company may not function as required, or certain parts of the Site may not be viewed.

We reserve the right to amend this Cookie Policy.