History goes back thousand of years. The city of Istanbul has a long history that spans the rise and fall of the world's most famous empires.Correspondingly, combination of monumental minarets and modern buildings, different lives and feelings have been occurred. Hereby, istanbul is a city that people can live in both the modern world and the old world. And today, Istanbul's many historical areas were added to the Unesco World Heritage list and has been designated the European Capital of Culture for 2010 by the European Union.

Art & Fashion

Istanbul is no stranger to great art, from miniatures, calligraphy, ceramics and tiles, even so, Istanbul’s art scene has been getting a lot of attention in recent years. There are many galleries and museums to see. Besides, Istanbul hosts very important art and fashion events with serious participation every year.  


Istanbul’s nightlife is vibrant and offers various options for every different taste  from live music taverns to European-style bars to chill-out rooftop pubs to sleek clubs. No matter which night of the week it is, everything will be open everyday until morning lights.

Congress & Conference

Istanbul is the meeting point of the world with its thousands years of history and now it is the leading congress destination of Turkey and became the most preferred city due to its location, history, natural beauty and transportation resource.  

City to Explore

Istanbul is the most special city in the world with its position as a bridge between Europe and Asia. This geographical location gives characteristics of East and West to the city at the same time and it created a lot of things to explore. Such as, wonderful excursion on the water which is connecting the Black Sea to the Mediterranean, authentic food, many mosques, castles, palaces, turkish bath, one of the biggest and oldest covered bazaar of the world and modern shopping areas.

Cosmopolitan City

One of the oldest city of the world Istanbul hosted 3 major empires Roman, Byzantinum and Ottomans. Due to its participation in these empires various nations from different cultures living together for long years and most of Turkey's religious and ethnic origins remain lived in Istanbul with 15 million population.